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During the work of devices a very important issue is a constant preview of the parameters of its work, however when constant supervision of the service is not possible, then registration, archiving and reporting systems are applied so that the most important parameters were always saved systematically and always available for inspection by the personnel. The ASTBus application, prepared from the scratch by our company, is such a system. ASTBus works on PC computer using RS485 connector to communicate with PLC driver which is responsible for the registration of parameters of work of the device. ASTBus application archives data received from the driver to a text file or to a database system, based on MySQL or Microsoft Access base. Data can be archived in a continuous way, with a determined frequency or related to the event, which means that registration in the database takes place only when a defined case appears (for example a breakdown of the device – excess of the temperature, change of the value of current).

Archived data can be previewed in the form of report where saved values and time stamp were tabulated or in graphical form as a graph (waveforms of currents, voltage, temperatures, etc.). both forms of statement can be printed. In addition, it is possible to set maximum, minimum, average values and RMS at a given time interval. ASTBus has a modular construction which means that it is possible to adjust the application to customer’s wishes.

The most important features of ASTBus application:

  • archiving data from the work of the device
  • ability to event- related archiving
  • generation of any statements in form of report ready to print
  • graphical presentation (graphs) of the registered parameters
  • setting maximum and minimum values
  • calculating average values and RMS at set time interval
  • printout of freely configured statements
  • possibility to work in the network (remote reporting)